Pre-Congress Visits

Pre-Congress Visits on Wednesday, 2 March 2021

Visits are designed for 50 PAX maximum, pre-registration is strongly advised.
Departure: by bus from Budapest Marriott Hotel at 9:00 pm
Duration: 3 hours
Return after the visit by bus to Budapest Marriott Hotel at appr. 13:00 pm

Pre-Congress Visit #1: Duna Medical Center (DMC)

The first comprehensive private health care facility in Hungary, DMC delivers patient centred ambulatory and inpatient health care services with the obligation to provide the safest care, treatment and services possible.

Duna Medical Center (DMC)

Pre-Congress Visit #2: National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation

The institute’s predecessor, the home of lung disease soldiers, opened in 1918. The area, also known as the lungs of Budapest, with rich fauna, plenty of sunlight, and good climatic conditions has provided a good chance for patients awaiting recovery. In the 1950s the profile of the institute gradually changed, and it became a recognized centre of locomotor rehabilitation and specialist training.
In 2000 the foundation stone of a new building was laid and the new main building was completed in 2004. Doctors continue complex rehabilitation of the patients with well-trained team members in a beautiful environment, in a 21st-century building.

National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation

Pre-Congress Visit #3: Hospital in the Rock

The Hospital in the Rock was built in a natural cave system under the Castle Hill. During WWII a shelter and a first-aid place was built in the caves that was expanded into the Hospital in the Rock. It had three wards and a modern operating theatre. During the siege of Budapest in 1944-45 all 94 beds of the hospital were constantly filled, and patients were also laid in the halls and chambers of the surrounding cave system. HitR was closed in July 1945 but re-opened in 1956 to treat civilians and soldiers alike.
Between 1958 and 1962 the Hospital in the Rock was converted into a nuclear bunker. A safety-by-pass corridor was built, as well as a new ventilation system equipped with a special gas filter, and also a water supply system attached to the River Danube.
It was never formally decommissioned, and the Civil Defence Forces used it as a store.
In 2007 the facility was renovated. In 2010, the Ministry of Culture and Education classified it as a museum collection of public interest and now it functions as a national collection point for its specialist area.

Hospital in the Rock

Pre-Congress Visit #4: Premier Med Healthcare Center

Premier Med Health Center is special in the Central European region with its unique tools and expertise for thyroid nodular patients and for those who live with varicose vein problems. It provides