Welcome Address

Healing the Sick is the Highest Law
(Salus aegroti, suprema lex esto)


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

For the second time since 1991, EGVE is honoured to host the upcoming 29th Congress of the EAHM in Budapest.

We had come a long way in this period: the Cold War is over, the Iron Curtain has been dismantled, the Berlin Wall has fallen, and the two Germanys have been united. The European Union has expanded. All countries have made this journey on their own, but not alone. The slogan of our conference was formulated by Hippocrates more than a thousand years ago, and today, in the extended sense, this is true of the healthy as well. Prevention and treatment without the patient’s, the healers’, the nurses’, the relatives’ individual and collective work will not lead to required results.

Zsuzsa Jakab, WHO Deputy Chief Executive Officer, analysing the past and present, outlines future challenges that can only be solved together. Just think of the big epidemics!

An outstanding event will be the keynote address by Prof. Dr. Béla Merkely, Rector of the Semmelweis University, on the need to rethink the structure of education in the health professions, the coordination of different qualifications and competences, and the restructuring of theoretical and practical training.
The Rector invites the leaders of the European partner universities to come together to think together and come up with proposals for the future.

The turbulent development of diagnostics and healing raises a number of ethical issues that need to be addressed at a European conference.

Hospitals’ environmental problems and climate change cannot be solved by individual work alone. It is a shared task and responsibility for the future. This block is being introduced by our Nobel Prize winner Professor Ürge-Vorsatz Diana.
Hospitals must go green – but “green hospitals” cannot exist without innovation, research and information technology. The technological explosion can open up an unpredictable perspective. But this can only be achieved and utilized through collaborative work.

All of this cost money. Funding, the creation of resources is also a responsibility crossing individual and social borders. New ways must be found, including in this area, and innovation is also needed here.

We also promise surprises, common cultural programs and warm Hungarian hospitality.
We look forward to welcoming everyone to the 29th EAHM Congress in Budapest to think together, exchange experiences, to make new friends!

Zsuzsanna Törökné Kaufmann
President of EGVE